Weight Loss

The LeBron James Diet

by Michele Scheck

If LeBron can do it so can you.  When the best athletes want to preform even better, what do they eat?

This past summer LeBron James treated himself to a classic elimination diet.  He eliminated gluten, dairy and processed sugars for 67 days.  The results are a leaner, stronger, overall more fit LeBron James, right in time to start training for the upcoming NBA season.

We will miss him in Miami, but can learn from his lead.

Feed your body what it needs and it will respond.  For the average person, a 2 month elimination diet will reduce inflammation and cravings, optimize metabolism and boost your immune system. Starting an elimination diet is not easy, be prepared to feel not so great for the first 72 hours as you detox your body.  A mild headache, moodiness is to be expected.  Certainly consult your doctor before starting any new health program or if any of these symptoms persist.

Consider trying an elimination diet with a friend.  Research finds that your results will be better if you buddy up with someone as you try to make changes. You may not be ready to play for the NBA, but you will certainly feel the difference and will be well on your way to being your best you.


Michele Scheck, DO is a family practice physician who embraces functional medicine with each of her patients.  Dr. Scheck graduated from Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2000 and is licensed by The American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.  After eleven years of practicing traditional family medicine, Dr. Scheck went in search of a more complete way to treat her patients and her family.