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Candy Colors for Hair

Our own Scott Alan Hair Studios on Channel 4, CBS, sharing details of what to do for fun with your hair and makeup as summer approaches.

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Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studiosa salon in Aventura, Florida, that has been styling A-listers and local celebs long before South Beach was on the map.  Named the “Best Colorist in Miami” by celebrity stylist, Charla Krupp, in her NYT best selling book “How Not to Look Old”, Scott Alan Studio has since become “the place” for men and women who want that something “extra” beyond a cut, color or blow dry.

Top 10 Mom Lessons from my mom

by Karen Meister At this time of the year, I cry at every Publix commercial showing the relationship between a mother and daughter. When I heard the clip of Kevin Durant awarding the NBA’s MVP award to his mom,  I wept like a baby.  And I am so thankful that I get to see my mom almost every day! My mom is a beautiful, gentle, loving, tough cookie!  She taught me skills and provided tools that were not necessarily part of my initial wiring.  You see, I was the tomboy wanting to focus on sports, playing, being messy…..  My mother, on the other hand, was always beautiful, put together, orderly and not athletic.  Some things just will never change.  Now at 80, she is still magnificently beautiful, perfectly put together, and not athletic.   And me, at 57, live and work in tennis clothes with a pony tail making sure to get my exercise in each day (thank goodness I work out of the house!).

Ahhh…. but what she taught me.  The top 10….

1.  Never let them see you sweat.  Keep cool when you don’t feel so cool on the inside.  If you have a job to do, get that job done, take care of business and then go home and figure out how to solve your problems.

2.  Every penny counts.  Whether you spend or save, every penny counts.  You work hard for the money and spending it frivolously is thoughtless.  You work hard for your money so make sure you spend it.  Enjoy life!!

3.  Be thankful for every day and clean your dresser drawers.  Every single day has an opportunity.  Tell those you love that you love them because you never know what may happen.  And before you go on a trip, clean your drawers in case you don’t come back.

4.  Manners and etiquette must be part of who you are.  From the very beginning, we knew which piece of silverware was used for what, how to dine, how to dress, how to greet a person and how to write a thank you note.  She taught me that this knowledge was not something you put on for certain circumstances but something that had to be a part of your being so that it was never a chore.

5.  Welcome people to your home.  Don’t hesitate to entertain.  Welcome people in.  Enjoy their company.  Make them feel at home in your home.  The presentation should always be nice, but have the confidence to know that whatever you do is great because you extended the invitation.

6.  Love your children with every bone in your body.  She loves us sometimes more than she loves herself.  My mom loves us despite what we may or may not do.  And love them so much that you will let them go and be their own person — even though it may not be the vision you had in mind.

7.  Be the boss.  As a mom, you are on the front lines every day.  If you let the kids take charge, you are not being the best mom.  And use the “wait until your father gets home” as the very very last resort.

8.  Be a parenting partner with your children’s father.   I make the distinction of father, not spouse, because there are so many marriages where mom and dad are no longer together.  Despite what you may think of your spouse or children’s father, you will always be your kids’ parents and make it a successful lesson moving forward.  If you disagree on an issue, deal with it before speaking with the children, and then support each other on that decision.

9. Stay organized and be prompt.  There is so much to do with ever day.  If you are not organized, you cannot fit it all in.  And if you don’t write it down, you will always miss appointments or show up late.  And that is a bad reflection on yourself, rude and disrespectful.

10.  Color your hair.   No explanation, just do it! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there and please share what you have learned from your mom…..


Karen Meisterin partnership with Joanne Paltrowitz, works with the international consulting firm, Camp Experts and Teen Summers.  Feel free to contact Karen for complimentary assistance at or 305.931.KiDS or 305.931.5437.  Thousands of families have received confidential and complimentary guidance to select the best camp and teen programs from around the world.  Karen is also the Founder of the LifeMeisters.

Color Saver for Your Hair

by Charles Lunsford

Ok, now that you have your beautiful pastel blonde hair and have been getting tons of compliments, how do keep it looking fresh and new?

To start with, shampoo ad condition with color safe products. That sounds pretty simple right?  Go to Walgreen’s and look at the long list of what they call, “Color safe.” You can go crazy just by reading the ingredients. Let me help. Shampoos and conditioners that are especially designed for color treated hair have less detergent, plus they contain light and sun filters. Yes light filters: your office florescent lighting can be as harmful to your hair as the sun.

There are color depositing shampoos and conditioners. You may find these at local drug stores as well as upscale salons. These products work by imparting small amounts of temporary color in the hair. They last from shampoo to shampoo and are designed for all hair colors. That’s right, you can find some that will keep your blonde fresh and brass free, as well as keeping your friend’s chestnut locks dark and rich.

Now that the weather is changing, we are looking forward to heading to the beach. There are ways to protect your tinted hair from the sun and saltwater. There are leave-in conditioners and spray on hair masks that will coat and protect your hair.

Ask your stylist for a glossing treatment. Do it the day you have your color service, or better yet, wait two weeks. It will help to seal and protect your hair. A glossing treatment can be simply clear (which can be great on un-tinted hair, as well) or have a little color added to tone your hair. It is one of the services in the salon that I consider to be a win/win situation, because it makes the color pretty and it makes it shiny.

Something else to consider to help make your color last longer is to invest in a Keratin treatment. But that conversation is for another time.


Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studiosa salon in Aventura, Florida, that has been styling A-listers and local celebs long before South Beach was on the map.  Named the “Best Colorist in Miami” by celebrity stylist, Charla Krupp, in her NYT best selling book “How Not to Look Old”, Scott Alan Studio has since become “the place” for men and women who want that something “extra” beyond a cut, color or blow dry.





Blonde Hair and Pastels?

by Charles Lunsford

By the time you read this, your house will be clean and the Passover dishes would have been unveiled then placed back in their proper place to wait for next year. At my home eggs are dyed pastel colors. With the help of my Godson, we decorate them. When your Godson is 8 going on 9, everything goes. Details like The Heat logo, or characters from Monster’s Inc. are fair game when it comes to decorating eggs at Eastertime.

The current trend for blonde hair is like dyeing eggs (minus The Heat logo). Some of us that are of a certain age remember when pastel blondes were the de rigueur. You probably had an Aunt Sadie with pink beige blonde hair (maybe it matched her toy poodle).

Jennifer Aniston is a beige blonde, which means she is a pastel violet base. Charleze Theron is golden, which goes very well with her peaches and cream complexion.  Scarlett Johansson is a smashing titian blonde.  But alas, Nicole Kidman, in my opinion, is most beautiful as a strawberry blonde.

You get the idea? You don’t have to go all the way bright pastel as pictured.  Let your teenage daughter do that!   Ask your stylist if some honey vanilla or apricot coral highlights would enhance your light brown hair.

What makes hair beautiful is when you use several different shades of blonde. You can add them to your natural color (as long as it’s not too dark). Have your base lightened a bit, then add some lavender, gold, or vanilla rose as highlights all over. The results can be show stopping. Don’t be afraid to add some pastels to your color. If 3 colors is too much for you to handle ask your stylist to recommend one that is right for your hair and skin color. My bet is they will probably mix lavender and gold together.


Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studiosa salon in Aventura, Florida, that has been styling A-listers and local celebs long before South Beach was on the map.  Named the “Best Colorist in Miami” by celebrity stylist, Charla Krupp, in her NYT best selling book “How Not to Look Old”, Scott Alan Studio has since become “the place” for men and women who want that something “extra” beyond a cut, color or blow dry.



It’s that time again, BACK TO SCHOOL.  It’s amazing how this simple 3 word phrase can mean so much, especially to moms.  It means summer is over…  new school clothes/uniforms for the kids… new school supplies for the kids…  find and sign up for after school activities for the kids… time to figure out all carpools FOR THE KIDS…notice a trend?  Everything is FOR THE KIDS!!!

This year after we have set everything up for our kids and made sure that they are well taken care of, we will take care of ourselves.  It’s different for everyone, but some of the things that might be important are finding new ways  to exercise (yoga, pilates, spin class, barre class, beach bootcamp, tennis, jogging), or starting a new healthy diet (not diet as in eating nothing…but changing how and what we eat…more organic foods or finding new recipes that are low in carbohydrates and higher in protein & vitamins), or  finding 30 minutes out of our busy day to just sit and meditate (which can also mean simply sitting in a quiet room, park, library, poolside), and last it can mean it’s time to give ourselves a new look (change the hairstyle, cut or color).

I can offer many ideas and suggestions in regards to exercise, eating and quiet time, however my expertise is within the hair industry.  So, let’s talk hair!

When is a good time to change your hairstyle?  There’s really no better time than the BACK TO SCHOOL time!  It’s like starting fresh for the new year….  If you find yourself putting your hair up in a ponytail every day because it’s easier, you are admiring other peoples hairstyles daily, you have no colorful words to describe your hair color other than mousy or dull, or if no one compliments your hairstyle, ever…then you are the perfect candidate for NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO CHANGE IT UP!

Steps to the new you?  Here we go….

  1. Look through magazines for your favorite styles and colors.
  2. Ask your friends and family about what kind of styles they think would be a good fit for you.
  3. Think about your daily routine and time to prep.
  4. Schedule a FREE consultation with a hair designer …  this takes just 15-20 min and it’s a one on one with a designer of your choice.  Be prepared to ask them any questions about styles, cuts or color and bring in the magazine photos that you liked best.  This free consultation is all about you, it’s your time, and its especially time to speak freely to a professional about your fears of a new style or to just be well informed of all the kinds of services that can be performed at our salon for you!


The best part of this “new you” for your BACK TO SCHOOL change is that there are so many choices available…  such as bangs, or layers to make your hair have a thicker appearance,  or shorter hair with a new graduated bob cut, or fresh colors that involve brightening highlights, covering up the greys , lowlights with depth,  or an “ombre” look with vibrant colors ranging from deep purple to sun-kissed blond and last but not least give yourself a smoothing treatment (calm down the frizz in your hair).  The ombre was the change that I needed, my hair is black all over and I just colored the ends of my hair in a deep rich violet.  So after all the BACK TO SCHOOL things have been done for the kids, take some time for you ….


Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studios, an Aveda concept salon in Aventura, Florida, that is passionate about service, our craft and committed to our guests and the environment.

Donate your hair

Last week a young man walked in the door with beautiful, thick salt and pepper colored wavy hair. It was the kind of hair most women would spend thousands of dollars to wear. When I found out that he was going to lop off ten inches I quickly stopped what I was doing and pleaded for him to donate his hair to charity.  He didn’t know that he could donate his hair because he is a man. Male or female, young or old, hair in good condition can be cut and donated.  And those with alopecia and/or the side effects of chemotherapy are ecstatic.

Lately there has been some bad press concerning a company that has been handling hair for wigs and pieces for years; Locks of Love. This organization started by taking donated hair and making natural looking wigs for people suffering from hair loss. The brouhaha is that the company is now charging families a percentage of the cost of the wig depending on their financial status. I can’t tell you how many Bat Mitzvah parties have come through these doors, in the past fifteen years that I have been blessed to work here in Aventura, to donate their hair for Locks of Love.  One time, we watched a room full of twelve-year old girls whacking off ten inches of their hair in an act of mass mitzvah.

So now just in time for summer and your girls are getting ready for summer camp, they probably need a haircut. What better time than now to get those long tresses shorn and do some good for those in need.

Another company that accepts your hair for donation is Zichron Menachem in Israel. Their worldwide campaign for hair donations is awe-inspiring. Getting it’s name from their son who passed away from leukemia at fifteen, the family agreed to help encourage young people to fight the battle with cancer with a good and positive outlook. I love the fact that they are looking for kids to help other kids that are less fortunate.

Pantene, the hair-care company that has popularized the shelves of drug stores and grocery stores, also has a program where you can send your ponytail and have it turned into a beautiful wig for a woman that has lost her hair to chemotherapy.

Here are some of the guidelines for donating your hair. All three have almost the same qualifications for offerings. Hair must be clean and dried. A minimum of ten inches is required and must be in a ponytail or braid. Place the braid in a clean plastic zip lock style bag, then in a manila envelope. Also check the company’s web site for their acceptance of tinted and chemically treated hair as well as grey hair. (Usually 5% is the maximum amount of grey)

You and your girls will feel good about helping others.  And don’t forget the boys such as your college age son who has been away for a year and hasn’t cut his hair.


Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studios,  an Aveda concept salon in Aventura, Florida, that is passionate about service, our craft and committed to our guests and the environment.

Just Cut It Off….

Ever go into the salon and say to the technician, “Just cut it off!” Leaving the salon you feel uplifted and liberated… only to wake-up the next day and say, ”What was I thinking???” Your next question to yourself probably would be, “Now what am I going to do for the next two months?”  You may not be able to fix that short (no pun intended) circuit in your judgment but you can definitely camouflage the situation(and I don’t mean from the Jersey Shore).

How would you like to have longer, thicker hair? How about adding some bright, light highlights to your hair? Come on, let’s face it, how do you think Jennifer Lopez changes her hair so quickly? Because, my mavens of hair color, she keeps it in a suitcase and takes it everywhere she goes. One day she is a blonde, one day long and straight, and then the next day… who knows.

As you have guessed we are talking about extensions. Yes we will even mention the kind of extensions that Britney shaved off her own head in a Miami salon in a fit of Commercial Overload. Don’t worry.  You don’t have to be left high and dry, looking like Road Kill.

Extensions today come in all types and textures. I bet your best friend or next door neighbor has extensions and you don’t even know it. They look very natural and can be worn while swimming plus they can be shampooed, blow dried, and even flat-ironed when installed correctly. Usually these types of extensions are applied in small pieces, or wefts, and are attached with glue or by a polymer based adhesive and heat. These are the ones for example, used by Ms. Spears.

The right technician is critical to successful living with extensions.  Hot Heads, for example, is a brand name for a particular type of extension. Instead of being glued or pinched onto the hair, they are attached to the hair with tape. Although it doesn’t sound very strong, they miraculously hold up super strong and can be washed and blow dried as well as highlighted or tinted.  It is suggested that you make a consultation appointment a week in advance.  Get an assessment of your hair type, texture, and color. The best part is you can choose long, longer, or longest. Each weft comes in one inch or half inch sizes and can last up to two months. Then you need to have them replaced with new tapes.

Now something for those of you that can’t make a commitment; an extension that can be worn whenever you feel like it (Hello Jennifer Lopez!) These come in six, two, or one inch strips and are connected to the hair with clips that simply snap into the hair. These come in a barrage of colors including blondes, reds and even punk tones that your tween girls will just love!! They can be purchased at the mall and are usually found at a kiosk . They need to be removed to be washed and dried but once they are dried they can be curled or flat-ironed.  We suggest going slightly lighter to make your hair look highlighted. This is a crazy idea straight from the 80’s buy a couple that match your daughter’s prom dress. I’m just saying…


Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studios,  an Aveda concept salon in Aventura, Florida, that is passionate about service, our craft and committed to our guests and the environment.


Hair Color by the Seasons

In the winter months, women tend to gravitate towards darker, richer colors. This season is no exception. We are seeing vibrant red tones in copper, plum and even fire engine red! Case in point Hayden Panettiere (usually a blonde) is now a deep red- violet. WAIT!  That was so last summer.  She is a blonde again. I guess you have to be a blonde to be a country singer on the TV show, “Nashville.”  Always famous for her rich red hair is Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine.  And let’s not forget the sweetest redhead of all; Ann Margret.  She is a strawberry blonde which is a combination of red and blonde.  Somehow I want to forget Rihanna and her crayola crayon red hair!

As the season mellows towards spring the color palette will follow suit. Yes, dear reader, reds will soften into pinks and red- violet will have a tendency to fade into a light lavender (think Kelly Osborn). When the weather becomes warmer, blondes become much more fashionable. Remember, as you mature, you want to keep golden, or warm tones, in your blonde hair. Ask your color technician for base color, highlights and low-lights.

Also in the spring and summer haircuts become much softer. Think choppy shag cuts that don’t require a lot of maintenance.   Fringe will be the focal point of the hair cut, so you may have to blow dry with a big round brush and let the rest of the style dry on it’s own with a dab of styling cream or control paste.

Let us know your favorite celeb color and style.


Contributed by Scott Alan Hair Studios, Miami, FL.



Hair Trends 2013

Everyone walks in at the start of the new year looking for a different look, always hoping for something “better”.  But in reality, it is not better, but different…. and different can be fabulous.  Could you see yourself in the same hairstyle or hair color for the rest of your life? That is like wearing the same dress to every wedding, Bar Mitzvah or graduation. It’s like having only one pair of the perfect black pump. How does that sound? Not likely, right?

Stylists have certain guidelines to follow when we design a style for you; the shape of your face, texture of your hair and what you are willing to dedicate (time and energy) to your style.  Then we look at trends. Right now the trend is lots of volume and curls and if you have been living under a rock, BANGS!  In the salon, we refer to bangs as fringe.  Fringe can give you a more youthful look. Our mantra in the salon is “bangs or Botox,” referring to how the fringe can hide those nasty wrinkles on your forehead. Did I just say nasty?

Do you like your curls, or do you like it sleek and smooth? Both are very fashionable. Let’s start with curly hair. Curly hair needs attention everyday; just sleeping can crush the curls into something less than attractive.  Simply spritz a bit of water into your hair and rub a little (the size of a dime) curl enhancing cream in the palms of your hands and “scrunch.” The problem with curly hair is it can be dry looking and frizzy, so you must use products made especially for curly hair. My opinion is, “DO NOT wash curly hair everyday.

Love for your hair to be silky, smooth and shiny? Are you afraid of what you have been reading about keratin treatments? Let me ease your worries; today, the catalyst that carries the keratin (human hair protein) into the hair has much lower levels of formaldehyde. In fact by adding essential oils, keratin treatments are better for the hair and make it glossier. Just remember when having a keratin treatment wash and condition with products that are sulfate free.

Chip Lunsford, hair and makeup specialist at Scott Alan Hair Studios in Miami, Florida, was a fine arts major and took his passion into the beauty arena.  Cutting hair is like sculpture and color is all about the chemical artistry.  And he is thrilled to make every day beautiful.