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I’m Karen Meister, founder of the LifeMeisters.   Professionally, I help families find summer programs for their children and teens.  I have worked with so many wonderful people, asking similar questions, I decided to get “meisters” in the specific areas to provide insight to many of these questions.  Hence, the LifeMeisters.

So enjoy our “cyber-bunk” and ask questions of your personal CampMeister.

Camp is a state of mind

Camp is a State of Mind.  Live young.  Laugh a lot.  Be a participant and a spectator.  Practice with excellence.  Strive for independence.  Travel.  Stretch – mind, body and soul.

This is the camp spirit, how I was raised, and how I raised my children.  I’m Karen Meister and I’m so happy to bring you The LifeMeisters —  a collection of “Meisters” (masters) bringing you information, via cyberspace, that will help you be a “camper” and bring this mindset to your family.


We invite you to participate in the dialogue and share with other moms your successes, challenges, opportunities, hopes and dreams.  Enter our cyber-bunk and let’s have fun!